Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fruit based beverages

Fruit always played an important role in human nutrition. Fruit juices are the unconcentrated liquids extracted, usually by pressure from mature fruit. Juices can be obtained by mechanical extraction processes or by reconstitution of concentrated fruit juice with potable water.

The most important raw materials of fruit drinks, that are available in international trade are citrus, pomaceous fruit, stone fruits, grape and berries.
Before the 20th century, drinking squeezed fruit juice was the privilege of a few. Welch was the first to reserve grape juice with heat treatment in America in 1869, followed by Muller-Thurgan in Switzerland in 1896.

Thus began the production of preserved fruit juices, which was followed by a huge development in the 20th century.

The role of vitamins and minerals in the human body was discovered at that time, which triggered substantial changes in eating habits. Consequently, fruit consumption has become an everyday need.
Cempedak fruit
Generally, fruit based drinks are classified according to their fruit content. Thus, there are three different categories:
*Juices and fruit musts
*Fruit nectars
*Soft drinks with fruit content

Soft drinks are predominantly fruit based and include fruit drinks, fruit juice drinks, and fruit squashes.
Fruit based beverages

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