Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Mandarin orange juice

Mandarin is a large and highly diverse group of citrus that contains some of the most highly flavored citrus. Three quarters of US orange production is processed and 80 percent of this ends up as frozen orange juice concentrate.

A little over half of the US crop of tangelos, tangerines and Temple oranges is processed into single strength juries and frozen juice concentrates.

Although mandarin fruits are delicious when consumed fresh, the juice easily change during processing and storage by the development of a ‘skunky’ off-flavor.

Much of the fruit juice is blended into juice and frozen orange concentrates. Commercial orange juice may contain up to 10 percent mandarin orange juice.

The concentrated juice has a typical mandarin flavor when it is mixed with cut-back juice. Mandarin concentrates are relatively low in pectinesterase activity and show less tendency to gel and clarify at high concentration.
Mandarin orange juice

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