Thursday, December 15, 2016

Health benefit of mango juice

Mango is rich in vitamin A and C and a bit of vitamin B. A glass of freshly squeezed mango juice can provide with a half of daily dose of vitamin C. Its pulp (100gms) has 4500 IU of vitamin A. Ripe mango has 86.1% water, 80% carbohydrates, phosphorus 0.2%, calcium 0.1%,m iron 5 mg in 100 gm.

Fresh mango juice is common in tropical regions but is harder to find in latitudes farther north.

Mix mango pulp with a glass of milk or else drinking milk after eating mangoes will provide vigour, vitality and general toning of the body system.

As an excellent natural source of iron, mango juice is recommended to all pregnant women. Mango juice can be used for treating anemia and preventing anemia, relieving muscle cramps and lowering negative effects of stress. Mango juice and milk will increase red blood cells and thus anemic conditions will also show a declining trend.

Regularly take juice of mango can improved memory and to tone up nervous system. With high content of vitamin C mango juice also can improve human body immune system function, protecting from common cold, flu and other related respiratory diseases.

Juice of mango, adding some sugar candy and rock-salt to it, will remove anorexia and also improve appetite. Drinking mango juice (mango juice water and sugar) is a good remedy for heat stroke.
Health benefit of mango juice
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