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Health benefits of peach juice

Peach juice drink is a product prepared by dilution of peach pulp or peach pulp base. Cloudy concentrate is pulp base with some of the water evaporated. And clear juice concentrate is peach pulp or pulp base that has the insoluble material removed by peptic enzyme treatment and filtration followed by evaporation.

The juice of peaches acts as a good spring-cleanser and blood purifier. It contains the vitamin A, B and C and is especially useful for those who are anemic, have a sallow complexion, or are troubled with high blood pressure, gastritis, acidosis, bronchitis, asthma, obesity or weak digestion.

The juice is ideal for irritated stomachs and persistence coughs. In 2007, study by Kahson and Smithy, showed the ability of peach extracts to bind bile salt, with potential in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Health benefits of peach juice are attributed to the presence of different classes of bioactive compounds which include phenolic compounds, carotenoids, and indigestible polysaccharides.

In addition, the fruit also helps in marinating healthy vision, skin, nervous system, healthy bones and teeth, helping in detoxification and has anti-ageing.

Peach also a good source of nutrients such as protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals as well as health promoting bioactive compounds.

The healthy properties of phenolic compounds are widely attributed to their antioxidant capacity, which is dependent on their chemical structure, mainly on the number and position of hydroxyl substituents.

A peach juice cocktail can be made by using the juice of 3 peaches, a dessertspoonful of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.
Health benefits of peach juice

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