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Alcoholic drink of palm wine or toddy

Palm wine, known also as toddy, is the fermented sap of various palm trees especially palmyra, silver date palm and coconut palms. The main ingredient of the fresh palm sap is sucrose, which is about 12-15% by weight. There is very little reducing sugar, although glucose, fructose, maltose and raffinose are present.

It is a sweetish, heavy, milky white, vigorously effervescent alcoholic beverage consumed as mildly alcoholic beverage similar to beer which is collected from palm tree.

Wine tappers often climb very tall trees with rudimentary equipment to harvest palm sap and risk severe injuries in the event of a fall. Furthermore, the wine quickly ferments beyond the desired taste and alcohol content, reducing the market power of these tappers.

The palm sap is obtained through the process known as tapping, which involves a series of operations to stimulate the flow of sap, such as the perforation of the trunk, insertion of a tube in the hole and collection of the sap in a container (gourd, clay pot, plastic container, glass bottle or calabash).

Fermentation begins immediately after collection as a result of natural yeasts in the air and wine; within two hours, the alcohol content reaches approximately 4%. At this stage, the product is a sweet, white, mildly intoxicating aromatic beverage.

Many factors including the species of the tree, the season of the year, time of day at harvest, and type of soil, impact the alcohol content of the wine.

This drink has a significant role in several nutritional, medical, religious and social uses such as traditional wedding ceremonies, traditional religious ceremonies or festivals, prayers and it is good for malaria.

During ancient period, people drink palm wine in early morning in empty stomach before breakfast for health benefits. Palm wine has a special place in traditional celebrations and ceremonies such as marriages, burials and settling disputes. Generally, it is a popular drink among lower income people and it is believed to be good for the health, eyesight and also serves as a sedative.
Alcoholic drink of palm wine or toddy
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