Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nutrient content of dragon fruit juice

Dragon fruit commonly known as the pitaya/pitahaya/strawberry pear is a tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central and South America and widely grown in Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand.

The pulp is juicy, has a mild taste, and is low in calories and contain numerous tiny black seeds. Dragon fruit is a good source of nutrients which are very beneficial for human health. It contains high amount of vitamin C as well as iron, calcium, vitamin B, potassium, fiber, other vitamins and minerals.
The main organic acids present in dragon fruit juice were citric acid and L-lactic acid. The content of oligosaccharides in red and white-flesh dragon fruit juice is 89.6 and 86.2 g/kg fruit, respectively.

The potassium content (3.2 g/L) in red-flesh dragon fruit juice is relatively high compared to other minerals such as magnesium (0.312 g/L) and calcium (0.023 g/L).

Dragon fruit juice was found to have the functional properties of a natural food colorant with high antioxidant potency.
Nutrient content of dragon fruit juice

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