Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Palm nectar

Neera, also called palm nectar, is sweet, oyster white in color and translucent. It is tapped from the coconut inflorescence and is filtered, pasteurized and bio preservatives added to preserve the product which is used as a nutritious health drink. It is nonalcoholic and notorious drink. Neera is a source of sugars, minerals and vitamins.

It is a refreshing and light drink, extremely cool in sensation, sugary sweet to taste, similar to palm juice which is susceptible to natural fermentation at ambient temperature within a few hours of extraction due to enzymatic and microbial fermentation since it is rich in sugars, vitamins, proteins, minerals.

Neera is nearly neutral in pH, with specific gravity ranging from 1.058-1.077. Neera is good supplement for iron and vitamin deficiency and clinical studies indicate medical applications for asthma, tuberculosis, bronchial suffocation and piles.
Palm nectar

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