Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Dates syrup

Palm date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is an important fruit in Middle Eastern countries and it is one of the oldest fruit trees in the world. Dates have been traditionally used to break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Date syrup (dibs) is the most commonly derived date product. In date syrup industry the fruits are mixed with water and heated, when the sugars are extracted.

Dates contain 2.5 times more Potassium per weight compared to banana. According to the World Health Organization, Potassium plays an important role in reducing blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease

Date is high iron content maintains healthy levels of hemoglobin, making it a perfect supplement for iron deficiencies. A high percentage of sugar in the dates fruit provide a good source of rapid energy. Recent studies have indicated that date fruit contains significant amount of flavonoid glycosides including quercetin, apigenin, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, and sinapic acids.

Flavonoid glycosides are a group of chemical compounds found in many commonly eaten foods. They have beneficial effects on human health include antioxidants, strengthening of the immune system, protection against cancer and cell dam-age, and a reduction in capillary fragility.

Date products in the form of infusion, decoction, syrup, or paste are administered as a treatment for sore throat, colds, bronchial catarrh (inflammation of mucus membranes).
Dates syrup

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