Monday, November 30, 2015

Acerola juice

Acerola is one of the few native North American plants that are cultivated for fruit on a major scale. It is widely cultivated in a commercial scale in the tropics for fresh fruit and juice. Acerola is a tropical fruit with a high antioxidant activity which may be attributed to its high vitamin C and anthocyanins content.

Acerola is commonly used for extraction of juice. The juice is extracted by breaking fruits into a mash by means of a high-speed stirrer before squeezing in a cider press. The juice obtained is clarified by centrifugation, followed by filtration and pasteurization in a tubular heat exchanger atr 88 ° C for 45 second.

Concentrated acerola juice is suitable for freezing or further processing into dry powders. The concentrated juice, while maintaining some of the properties of fresh fruits, must be frozen or further processed to prevent spoilage and nutritional degradation.

Acerola juice contains nearly 40 times more vitamin C than orange juice.
Acerola juice

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